Recent prayer requests

A 93 year old lady asked Boots in George Street to get one of the HOTS team to pray for her over the ‘phone.

Prayed for Healing of a Brain Tumour and for healing of a broken relationship.

One Lady experienced such peace and inner healing and felt the love of Jesus during prayer that she came back and asked how she could become a Christian.

Prayed for healing of shoulder, legs and for forgiveness.

A young man received inner  healing as a result of prayer after contemplating suicide during the previous night.

Praying healing of knees and  discerned condition in abdomen.

Prayed for spiritual guidance and  was given valid prophetic message.

We were in New Road, Brighton for the first time on 20th August, 2011. It was a gentle start praying for  two individuals, and had a number of interesting conversations. One  young lady came  up to us carrying a three week old baby and asked us to bless her! This is probably a first for HOTS and  a good example of taking the church onto the streets!

10th September, 2011, in George Street, Hove. The best session yet! We prayed for 17 individuals! These included a Muslim lady who felt relief from a persistent back pain and  a lady who was a Spiritualist who felt touched by God and relief from pain in her shoulder; a lady who was suffering from anxiety and  another from migraines. Healing began for a lady who had nerve damage in her arm. We prayed for another lady with diverticulitis and  for a man against his addiction to smoking.  Talked and  prayed with 2 girls who wanted to know more about Jesus and  were invited to a youth event.

7th November, 2011, in New Road, Brighton. Prayed with one  lady about her addiction another about her family and talked to three young lads about their faith, telling them about Jesus.

December, 2011. In New Road, Brighton. Prayed for a young lady suffering from CFS who felt God’s presence, blessing and  healing.

January, 21st 2012. New Road, Brighton. We had a really Spirit led, God’s present pre-street prayer time on Saturday morning with the prayer that Jesus’ love would shine out from each of us like a bright light which attracts people to it.  We weren’t on New Street much more than five or ten minutes when we had a couple come up for prayer and just stood there as if trapped by the light.  They were married and the wife was Muslim and the husband said that there were many ways of looking at God.  However after praying for them (and they were very open to prayer) we felt that the husband had known Jesus at one time but because of his mixed marriage wanted an all encompassing god.  We really had a strong feeling after they left that they would bear much fruit for the Lord.  After that we had three other divine appointments including a spiritual healer who was definitely touched by the Lords love.

February 11th, 2012. George Street, Hove.  Jesus was powerfully  present on George Street and brought one  of his lost sheep back into his fold after a tearful and prayerful session and a witness from the HOTS team. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

April 29th, 2012. New Road, Brighton. Although raining we met with three individuals all in need of spiritual healing and  restoration. All three were blessed.

9th June, 2012. New Road, Brighton. An exciting morning. People came and took leaflets from us rather than being given them. We prayed a blessing over one person, for healing from MS for another and a skin complaint for antother. Finally we prayed for a lady who had been badly damaged emotionally by an association with a demanding sect. Having left she is not allowed to visit her children or see her grand-children. We prayed for this situation to change and  for God to give her peace amidst her turmoil. She gave  herself and her troubles to Jesus then and there.

22nd July, 2012. New Road, Brighton. A beautiful sunny morning. Many people out and  about on the streets. We prayed for a busker who had a sprained ankle and  gave him our envelop containing the ‘Why Jesus’  booklet. We prayed for an elderly Christian lady who had heart and  lung congestion problems and  for a man who wanted emotional and spritiual healing.

29th July, 2012. George Street, Hove. The team reported an active session with prayer for a lady with MS, and for one  with ovarian cancer and  for a man with with addiction issues.

15th September, 2012. New Road, Brighton.   A busy morning. We prayed for a young lady who had just discovered she had MS, for another who had chronic back pain, for another with a relationship and work problem and  for another young lady who had CFS.






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We are on George Street in Hove  monthly from 10.30 - 12.30pm. and at special events. We are next on George Street ...

Recent prayer requests

A 93 year old lady asked Boots in George Street to get one of the HOTS team to pray for ...